Add-in Update: Lights-Out 1.0.1




   今回の修正点は以下の通りです。以下にはありませんが、日本の電気代 /kwh を入力しようとすると、10円以上の数値が入力出来なかったのですが今回のバージョンで修正しています。

      •  Fixed client context menu issue
      •  Fixed a typo and changed some translations
      •  Fixed missing SB Core warning
      •  Fixed a division by zero in network scanner
      •  Fixed directory handling in FileMonitor, to watch files in a directory use the path without wildcards
      •  Fixed a sporadic crash during stopping known services
      •  Fixed adding Lights-Out Service itself to service list
      •  Fixed validation problem in settings dialog
      •  Fixed a crash in client backup blocker running on XP
      •  Fixed backup time calculation in client service
      •  Fixed client version detection when client has been restored with an outdated version
      •  Fixed display of countdown dialog after cancel
      •  Changed file monitor to allow multiple entries
      •  Changed process monitor to allow multiple entries
      •  Changed sending of magic packet to matching subnet and broadcast address to handle hamatchi nics
      •  Changed scheduled wake-ups, resets the delay time now when a wake-up has been sent
      •  Improved handling of dual boot machines with different identities
      •  Improved handling of transport disconnects by WHS connector
      •  Added different tray icons for Windows 7 (contrast problem)