Add-in Update:LIghts-Out 1.0.4



Version 1.0.4 released Nov. 15, 2010

  • Fixed problems with duplicate clients (after OS Upgrade) and multiple mac addresses
  • Fixed calendar problem when no standard action is configured
  • Fixed calendar problem when a standby occurred during an active calendar event
  • Fixed wrong uptime diagram for server when standby takes too much time
  • Fixed problem with changing number of network adapters (WLAN, VPN)
  • Fixed wrong client wakeup/backup after server reboot
  • Fixed disabled context menu on computer tab in community edition
  • Increased detection time limit for USB backup disk removal
  • Client backup enhanced to allow a second backup by Lights-Out (see below)
  • Reduced delay for wake-up when client resumes from standby
  • Improved detection of standby blockers from 3rd party applications
  • Scheduled backup by Lights-Out is ignored when client runs on battery
  • Automatic wake-up of server is only executed when client resumes or boots
  • Modified start/stop order for DriveExtenderMigrator and other services
  • DriveExtenderMigrator is now handled internally and is no longer a user option
  • Added tray option in client to enable/disable monitoring on the fly



Add-in: Lights-Out for Windows Home Server Vail and Windows Server Auroraでご紹介しましたが、Lights-OutはVail/Aurora用にベータ版が既に出来ています。作者さんからの依頼があり、これからVail/Aurora用のLights-Outも日本語化 作業に入ります。これからまたしばらくは、MVPチームでAdd-inの翻訳が増えるかなと楽しみです。