Add-in Update : Lights-Out Service Release 1.0.3


  Lights-Out Update 1.0.3 Is Available – We Got Served Forums




Version 1.0.3 released June 22, 2010

  • Added Italian translation
  • Fixed force option bug in calendar task introduced in 1.0.1
  • Fixed need for lowercase email in license activation
  • Fixed sporadic problems saving changes in calendar editor
  • Fixed sending settings twice for IP and WHS clients
  • Fixed bug in network scanner when VPN network is active during scan
  • Fixed problems with duplicate clients (after OS Upgrade)
  • Fixed missing wake-up and backup times in computer tab
  • Changed detection of controlled services.
  • Optimized timing for clients to get online and run a backup
  • Block automatic client standby after resume for a period of 4 minutes when running on AC power
  • Kick start WHS connector on client after resume and after server WOL to speed up reconnect
  • When client wake-up occurred by timer, client is suspended after backup
  • Improved handling of client side suspend by WHS Connector
  • Updated LoPa (Lights-Out Problem Analyzer)
  • Signed with renewed authenticode certificate