Add-in Update:Twonky Server 6.0.34

DLNAサーバーの定番アプリ、Twonky Serverがアップデートされました。従来公開されていた6.0.32からビルドが2つあがっています。以前はTwonky Server もWHS用のAdd-inがありましたが、現在はAdd-inではなく通常のWindowsアプリケーションとしてインストールする必要があります。


ダウンロードやリリースノートの詳細の確認はTwonky Digital Home Forum ? View topic – TwonkyServer 6.0.34 is Now Available!からお願いします。



是非、DTCP-IP対応機器をお持ちの方は試してみてください。REGZAをお使いの方は、録画したコンテンツのムーブが出来るんじゃないかと思うのですが。もし思っている通りの動作が出来ているようだと、WHS V1をお使いの方にとってはV1の魅力がさらに増すアプリケーションになるのではないかと思うのですが、残念ながら我が家はBRAVIAなので試せておりません。


Release notes for TMS 6.0.34

Bug Fixes
-fixed: File scanning issue on Windows network drives
-fixed: Roku soundbridge cannot stream aac/m4a
-fixed: UPnP Discovery broken w/ Linn control point
-fixed: Web Config UI not working properly with Internet Explorer 9
-fixed: improved ssdp responses to M-Searches with MX=1
-fixed: Aggregation not always indexing all items, if there are items of unknown type to TwonkyServer


o Disabled the NMC Stationary service in TwonkyServer
o Added Linn Bubble DS to clients DB
o removed useless client adaptatiion option XM:NOAAC320FORAAC192




Release notes for TMS 6.0.33

Bug Fixes
-fixed: a failure of CTT case using CTT build win7 version
-fixed: Duplicate content is displayed on enabling the aggregation server in aggregation mode.
-fixed: failure of CTT case
-fixed: uploading content failed after changing the language of Twonkyserver
-fixed: ASF to FLASH transcoding is not working
-fixed: "xmlns:arib" and "xmlns:dtcp" are missing in CDS:Search response
-fixed: SPTV Recording Failure on low spec device due to AES HW memory allocation error
-fixed: DTCP Copy-Free content, which is moved from Regza with TwonkyServer, cannot be played with LinkTheater
-fixed: SSDP:byebye packets during startup disdabled for Buffalo NAS
-fixed: Content having creation date before 1970 was not displayed in twonky.
-fixed: Unable to enable/disable logs from RPC command ""
-fixed: CTT test case DMS failing on DTCP-IP server
-fixed: Saving a playlist with "/-:;()$&&@""" creates an empty playlist
-fixed: Upload (both CDS:CreateObject and from Web UI) failed on server running on Linux
-fixed: on rescan server does not find/remove deleted files
-fixed: Fix behavior for scantime=0 to not rescan file system
-fixed: playback does not work on new sony BRAVIA TVs with YouTube content
-fixed: The Kirkwood build did not work on quad-core paltform
-fixed: CDS:ImportResource action was broken
-fixed: On aggregated items with multiple RES the last one is missing
-fixed: Content having creation date before 1970 was not displayed in twonky.
-fixed: Cross-site scripting exploit vulnerability in webbrowse
-fixed: Windows Logo Kit (WLK) 1.6 case NetMedia-49 failed
-fixed: Twonkyserver responses on localhost (Linux) were significantly slower that on external interface
-fixed: jpeg scaler was adding pixels (rows) at the top and removing some at the bottom of a scaled picture
-fixed: when copying and pasting files with Windows Explorer inside shared folders, update evets were sometimes lost and the changes were not reflected in the CDS
-fixed: Sony VGF-WA1 player could not play mp3 content from TwonkyServer


o Implemented generating thumbnails for videos with external application. Enabled utilizing FFMpeg if it is included.
o Preserve Time Seek Tables (TSTs) from deleting while DB rebuild, try reuse preserved TSTs. Only generate TST if necessary.
o Incorporated the changes mentioned in 2010_09_Supplement_E_update DTCP guidelines
o DTCP-IP: implement API to move content from server to server
o Enabled chunked transfer encoding for DTCP-IP dynamic transcoded contents
o Additional improvements to enable streaming of dynamically transcoded contents over DTCPIP
o Added support for Boxee client
o Improved client adaptation for Linn DS clients
o Max number of .desc files for video transcoding increased from 20 to 50
o internal default for configuration option "maxscantimeperfile" changed from 0 to 30
o new configuration option "importdir" set the directory from which the server reads import-files
o Disabled automatic upload configuration in the RMM module, as it did not work properly when upload is disabled
o Changing and clearing metadata (including ratings) is allowed for all clients, not only for twonkymanager as in
o Add sort support for upnp:seriesTitle and upnp:seriesID
o MP4 scanner improved to better recognize files created with QuickTime